Engine Wars Chess Manager Service Alpha 3 - 7-3-12

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Released: Jul 3, 2012
Updated: Jul 4, 2012 by CorbyNichols
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Release Notes

This download includes multiple Visual Studio 2010 solutions:

After testing the download, the insert script for InsertPlayer (located in the download at EngineWars.Data\SQL Scripts\) has an extra field for the Select List;

The identity column value of 1 from the first insert and 2 from the second need to be removed and the script will execute.

The QA team (me also) wasn't very thorough on testing this release, but I tested it from my work pc and that is when I discovered the sql error.

Also note, I did test Attaching a SQL Server 2012 database to SQL Server 2008R2 and I was correct in my assumption that it wouldn't work.

In the next release I will try and release a 2008R2 version that can be attached to.

I finally have a complete duplex communication setup between the Chess Client, the Chess Manager Server, and Twiki, the Chess Engine included with Engine Wars.

Now that all the WCF configuration fun is over I can start focusing on the chess rules, moves and scoring of positions and come up with a way to keep chess clocks in sync and displaying on client machines.

Details of the download until more thorough documentation is available:

Engine Wars Chess Manager Server

A windows application and a two WCF Service Libraries.

Engine Wars Chess Client

Contains a WPF Board and pieces can be dragged and dropped, no engine logic or legal moves check is in yet.

Twiki - Test Engine - Just a stub so far but it connects to the server.

After several weeks of messing with endpoints I finally solved the net.tcp reference problem and I was able to connect.

I also created the Stub of the test engine call Twiki.

My personal engine is called DrTheopolis, not included in the Engine Wars source code, but if you are over a certain age you will recognize the Buck Roger's theme.

I also included the database files, located in:

I included the .mdf and .ldf files for SQL Server 2012;

If you do not have SQL Server 2012 and the files do not attach (I haven't tested on 2008R2 yet), but I also included a SQL Scripts folder with all of the tables, views, stored procedures and insert scripts needed to run the samples.

To change the encrypted connection string settings in the app.config file, use the Rad Studio Configuration Editor, located in the tools folder of this download.

Once the database is installed you will need to create a SQL Login for the server called ChessLogin, and add that user to the EngineWars database login as well.

If you are not using Windows Authentication (Integrated Security) you can run the stored procedure 'UpdateProcPermissions' which accepts a user name a parameter like this:

UpdateProcPermissions 'ChessLogin'.

In both the Chess Client and twiki programs there is an AutoLogin method, you can modify that if you add your own entry in the players table.

I did not register the engine on the server yet, I was just so excited to solve the net.tcp service reference issue and the Subscribe to the NotificationService that I wanted to release a working copy with the correct configuration.

The problem was solved by removing the configuration from the app.config, and by copying a great project by Robert Greene that gave me a working example:


What also helped I think was I created each Service as its own Service Library, where before i was using a Windows Form for each service.

I am not sure exactly what was the solution, but I think better in code than configuration files, so it works without a config file (for ServiceModel info anyway).

I will start the engine / move logic this week, I just wanted to release a working copy for the client / server configuration.

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