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By Data Juggler Software .

We are moving to Windows Azure and are rebuilding the server code, so the server is not live at the moment.

Project Description
EngineWars is Client/Server framework to host chess matches of humans vs humans, humans vs Chess Engines, and engines vs engines in casual play and tournaments.

This project will eventually be hosted on (I lost because I didn't renew it once, oops).

The goal is to build a build a framework for playing chess that:

1. Allows people to play chess over the internet using a rich WPF client.
2. Allow developers to easily build chess engines to compete against humans and other chess engines
3. Create a series of Engine Starter Kits and helper classes to enable a basic engine to be created by almost any developer.
4. Create an Engine Tester tool to help developers discover pitfalls in their engines.
5. Build a tournament environment so that developers can compete against other engines
6. If possible build UCI and / or Win Board adapters so existing engines can compete.
7. Develop of find a Rating system so that human players and engines can be rated.

Here is the state of the project:

Engine Wars Server
1. The Engine-Wars database and 100% stored procedure driven data tier is built using Rad Studio
2. The Chess Manager Server - publishes two services Chess Manager Service and Notification Service.

Engine Wars Chess Client

Right now I am showing all the messages received by the server in a list box, I will eventually scale back the messages but I wanted to verify everything actually works.

I have a SQL Server database and the data library (EngineWars.Data) is built using my other code plex project (RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit

The Chess board is drawn, and you can switch sides, and you can drag and drop pieces around.

The Chess Client and Twiki the Test Engine included with Engine Wars can now both subscribe and send messages to the server and to each other.

In addition to Rad Studio, I have several other projects on codeplex:

DB Compare - compares two instances of a SQL Server database and compares schema of tables, views and stored procedures.

Regionizer - A Visual Studio 2010 package that formats a C# document into regions (once you see my code you want to use I think. or hate it).

Smooth Popup - A JQuery popup I haven't done very much with but it has potential

Data Juggler Web Controls - A series of cool web controls for Asp.Net developers

If you like this project or any of my open source projects you can make a donation on my web site at , or just tell someone about

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